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Expectations For Singers

Each singer is responsible for understanding these policies.

Registration and Voice Placement

Usually the second Tuesday of September and January, Down East Singers conducts brief, private voice placement checks for new singers and those who have been out of the group for two or more semesters as well as general registration for all singers. Both are held at Nativity Lutheran Church, 179 Old County Rd, Rockport.

Concert dates

Concert dates and programs are announced a year in advance. In addition to required attendance at dress rehearsals and concerts, singers are expected to volunteer with logistical support setting up risers, contributing food for the reception afterwards, recruiting friends as ushers, and so forth.

Rehearsals, Attendance and Section Leaders

Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings 7-9:15 p.m. at Nativity Lutheran Church, 179 Old County Rd., Rockport. Singers are expected to be ready to sing at 7 p.m. so they should arrive before 7. Regular sectional rehearsals (soprano-alto, tenor- bass) occur on a rotating basis at 6:30 p.m. as announced each week in rehearsal and on Googlegroups, the email notification system for all chorus members (see below).

Section leaders will either take attendance or ask singers to check themselves off on attendance sheets for each section. Up to two absences are excused; more than two require the Artistic Director’s prior approval and may lead to being unable to sing in the concert.

For information on weather-related cancellations, call 207-619-0413 or visit the DES Facebook page.

Rehearsal Expectations

Singers are expected to practice on their own between rehearsals to master music already reviewed in rehearsal so the next week’s rehearsal can move ahead to new sections. Practice CD’s by part are usually available to interested singers. Singers who do not know their music well by the concert date may not be able to perform in the performance.


The DES website has general information about concerts, tickets, membership and such.

Internal communication among the chorus and, especially, from Tony Antolini as Artistic Director, uses A singer does not have to be a Google user to participate in Google Groups. New singers will receive an email "Invitation” in their regular email account to join the DES Google Group. The invitation will ask if he/she prefers to receive an email message in his/her personal email account every time a DES announcement (such as the plan for the next rehearsal) is posted, or whether she/he plans to check the Google Group website on his/her own. We strongly recommend singers sign up to receive DES messages from Google Groups in their personal email box. If they do, you will simply see an email message from Click on it to see its contents. If a singer replies to that message, that reply will be transmitted to all singers, not just the sender.

Committees and Volunteers

Down East Singers is a volunteer organization, and thus it relies on the help of every singer to function smoothly and successfully. Down East Singers also relies on every singer to help raise the funds needed to produce concerts every year. That’s why Down East Singers asks every singer to:

  1. Attend rehearsals, practice between rehearsals and master his/her part.
  2. Sell advertisements for the concert program to local businesses.
  3. Sell 5 concert tickets to neighbors, family or friends.
  4. Contribute to Down East Singers annual appeal to the best of his/her ability.
  5. Join one of the volunteer groups which do the work necessary to put on a concert, such as setting up/breaking down the choral risers and sound shell, providing refreshments, staffing registration at the start of each semester, distributing posters and concert information, and preparing mailings to the community.

Concert Attire

Concert attire is formal: black tux or black suit with white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and shoes for men; long black skirt, dress or dressy black slacks, plain black long sleeves with black hose and shoes for women. Refrain from large sparkly jewelry and fragrances (including tobacco, garlic and other strong food odors).

Down East Singers

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